Fear a bhàta (instrumental) – SoundCloud

Posted: 19/09/2017 by Alternate Celt in Life

I have been learning this for a while, but something clicked earlier so I recorded it before I forgot. It’s a beautiful song, hope I am doing it no disservice!
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Bringing Gaelic back to the Glenkens

Posted: 11/09/2017 by Alternate Celt in Ghàidhlig, Life

This evening we had our inaugural Gaelic class at the Library here in Dalry. With a brimming class of 12 at all levels, Anndra (Andrew Wilson of Beltie Books in Wigtown) led us through the basics of introducing ourselves. As there were two Angelas in the class I decided to go with my middle name since it’s Irish, so I get to be Cerridh on a Monday night from now on! 

With a brief break for coffee and biscuits, we finished with a rousing couple of rounds of Oidche Mhath Leibh. Being a swot, I took up the homework for more advanced peeps, but I may yet regret it! 

So, we had a great first hour and a half of Gaelic. 

Moran, moran taing  Anndra a-rithist!