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I only went and made an ebook out of Surviving
This is my new baby, with characters that speak loudly to me and a storyline that is still surprising me.
Cat, who is the main character in the ebook first started talking to me during a gluttish rewatch of the first 5 seasons of Supernatural  (my guilty pleasure and favourite tv series.  Oh Dean!) She’s a very strong woman with one weakness;  Finn MacCool.  They grew up together during the Apocalypse, and spend their lives fighting Demons while trying to find books that have occult knowledge in them. They also have to look after Cat’s kid brother,  Adair,  who is psychically gifted and resentful. 
It’s as cheap as Lulu would let me make it, because I really want to share this with folk. If anyone wants to make a more inspiring cover, feel free  as my art skills lack somewhat!


If you want a wee sample, you can find it here.