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Posted: 05/04/2016 by Alternate Celt in Indyref 2014, political

Forgive me
I have slumbered
Closed my eyes
Turned my back
Since that ill
September wind
Stole my courage

Forgive me
I have slumbered….

Now I wake.
What’s the point, I ask you, of gathering to protest in London?  What’s the point,  for that matter,  of gathering at Pacific Quay? The BBC won’t report it. They will stand three streets away and ask people if they are disappointed at the turnout while a million people could be kettled in to Parliament Square. 
Go stand on your own High Street,  then people will see you. Gather by the Town Hall, take your placards. Make sure the folk who normally get their news from the BBC see you,  make sure they know. Make sure they know we’re all angry at the same things… the endless lies, empty promises and greed.

Because if we let the rich away with this, then we won’t get the chance again.