I’m just doing a bit of background research for a character and came across this gem of a page. Traits of a Godly Wife is so abysmally typical it stood out. Aside from being loaded with virgin/ whore references, it’s riddled with man-child misogynistic fantasising in regards to how women should behave. Here’s a few delightful quotes.

A godly woman avoids any present situation that would be destructive for her future usefulness to God.

Usefulness to God sounds all a bit… Creepy? Ugh

This deceitful woman is an ugly woman because she is self-driven and wants her way. Her words and actions lead the man on a path to destruction. A beautiful woman wears heavenly beauty as God’s Word describes it.


Moms and dads, what kind of woman are you raising? A wise woman or a foolish one? Does she dress in a way that draws a young man to think about her body and its enticements or her spirit and its beauty? Does she have a holy hatred of sin? Does she use her powers to get her own way? Does she manipulate by tears, looks and whatever it takes to accomplish her ends? Is she argumentative, easily quarreling and fighting with you or her brothers and sisters?

Holy hatred of sin?????

This stuff makes me feel a bit like I am looking at a completely alien culture. I wonder if it’s because I’ve read more than one book.
And yes, for the sake of story research, I am being provocative. 



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