What an awesome day it was. The weather Goddesses smiled down and the sun shone all afternoon before we retired to Rabbie’s local for the evening.  In the sun, we had choirs, wyrd women and a rainbow collective of belly dancing.  In the pub we had rock, jazz, folk and classical of all stripes.
Star performers of the day for me were Anne Chaurand and Nicola Black  playing together, Little Wing was just breathtaking.  I also really loved hearing Nicola and Carrie Robinson together – what beautiful harmonies. Liz Lewis and Carol Salsbury were wonderful together out in the sunshine, haunting and comic by turns. The Crocketford Belly Dance Collective were a riot of colour and movement, and I loved seeing them shake things up with a dance to Evanescence.


I am so glad I did it and didn’t chicken out. I really enjoyed playing, although my cordoba did chicken out so I had to borrow Nicola’s guitar. I played Hurt, Angel, Patience, Escape the Rain (which didn’t quite work out.  Next gig! )and Inferno.  Inferno went down so well I did What’s Up as an encore and made the pub sing! I reckon Rabbie might have enjoyed it.
I feel really grateful to have been given the opportunity to do something like this because I’ve never quite shaken that teenage dream of being a musician  (or mebbe Rock Star, but ye know, realism ;)).  I’ve worked a lot on improving my singing and guitar playing over the last couple of years, and although I still have a long way to go,  I am really happy with where I am. I am enjoying singing and playing, and I am looking forward to doing much more of it!
There’s tons of great pics and videos of the day on the Maidens of Music Facebook page.  Follow them, it must happen again next year!


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