Well, I’ve been so busy lately I only just realised the deadline for the Xponorth comp is by. I didn’t hear anything,  but that’s life. There’s probably 1000 would be writers for every publishing opportunity that arises.
Anyway, that little realisation reminded me I’ve not really been writing properly for a  couple of months now. Been too consumed by oatcakes and music! Ahh, c’est la vie! I reckon its past time to take stock and decide where to go next.
I’m currently working on quite a few ideas simultaneously  (yeah , I know, but I’m a butterfly). They are:
Editing Pearls On the Road (rock n roll road trip)
Writing Surviving (post apocalyptic supernatural thriller)
Writing Burn (near future fictional rock bio)
Writing The Dark Wave (sci-fi space opera with Pirates),
Writing/editing Tapestries of the Veils (epic urban/steampunk fantasy set in an alternative present day)

I could probably discuss the virtues of each project and convince myself that each in turn is the most worthy, therefore ending up right back where I started with 5 projects all demanding my attention.  The problem with that is it makes me want to throw up my hands, scream, and do something completely different again… can you tell I’ve done this before? Heh.
If I go by today’s gut feeling, I want to serialise the 2 complete Tapestries books on the website (with  a view to selling the complete books as eBooks) while getting book 3 done. Of course,  that hinges on my being able to create an interest and a demand for those stories. Realistically,  I’m not sure I can.
I’ve mused over doing the same sort of thing with most of my work, and I’ve even made a couple of abortive attempts at doing that kind of thing before. Often as a writer I find myself wondering I , in fact, I am wasting my time and effort in creating work folk don’t really want. I think that might be a common problem for aspiring writers, but it is really rather difficult to tell when so much of the creative process of writing is done in isolation.  I don’t have the money to go get my manuscripts ‘polished’ by professionals (professional whats? I’m not even sure of the trade name!), so I’m left trying to figure it all out for myself. It’s almost enough to make you want to throw in the towel,  but I’ve tried that and those sneaky little ideas whisper at you until you start writing them down so it never works!
Bleh, that’s a lot of waffle to come to the point of not getting to the point! What do I do now? Anyone got any suggestions while I go  back and sit and stare at the blankness of the proverbial  Drawing Board?


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