I know I’m not exactly the world’s greatest guitar player. I have been dabbling since my mid teens, always with an urge to write songs way beyond either my skill or patience. About a year and a half ago I started taking lessons with my next door neighbour, the awesomely talented classical guitarist Anne Chaurand. I’ve improved dramatically and I’m writing songs again, but I’m still in a sticky place betwixt ambition and skill. Luckily, I live in an area blessed by live music and I even get to play in it sometimes.
I’m nominally in charge of a monthly jam session at our local arts centre, the CatStrand, and I’ve been squawking noisily there for quite a few years and more recently playing guitar.  It’s rolling round again, as it happens on the last Sunday of every month. 
I’ve had a bit of a confidence wobble lately, again because my ambition outstrips my ability, and particularly under pressure.  The interesting thing is that this time I find myself being much more analytical about it and my analysis has led me to the simple conclusion that if I want to meet my own ambitions, then I’m just going to have to keep on working and practicing until I’m can actually play the music I want to write. It’s not like I’m looking to do anything more than feel confident singing and playing music I’d like to hear, so all I need do is work until I’m happy.
Anyway,  do feel free to join the fun on Sunday if you’re in the area! 2pm to 4pm, open to all.


Galloway musicians Zoë Bestel, Nicola Black, Blackie and Sarah Ade at the CatStrand Acoustic Session


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