So, like I may have said I’ve been slumbering.  Playing catch up  at such a frantic moment in politics is not easy, and twitter so hard to follow if you’ve dropped out for a while, but I am getting the gist.
What occured to me this morning that somewhere along the line politicians have stopped stepping aside for scandals. Remember the Profumo affair? That was untenable then and broke the government of the time. What about David Mellor? He had to resign.
But now we have a  new bar. Apparently it’s fine to lie professionally as a politician, thanks to Alistair Carmichael, so minor scandals such as interfering with dead pigs, or cavorting in a dominatrix’s house while taking cocaine are fine. Ok, these things happened prior to either taking office, but they are both in such prominent positions any sniff of scandal should make their positions untenable. 
So now we come to  #resigncameron, the hastag taking over twitter.  Do we remember he has already declared he’s not running as PM again? Do we remember that he is already out the door in the event of Brexit? Will he resign? I am not currently holding my breath as the precident has been dramatically changed in the last few years. If he holds on, he can be the one to brush it all under the carpet. Do we want to let that happen?  No, but unless we collectively pressure the government from every conceivable angle, it will just continue as it has been.  Our democracy is at best broken. We only get a voice when a newspaper editor decides our disdain makes good copy. Otherwise they will publish the latest Royal Escapades or Reality TV scandal instead and pretend mass protests haven’t happened.
It will take more than a hashtag, more than a referendum,  more than an election, more than traditional protests to force the issue here. This is Capitalism’s crunch moment,  it’s entirely skewed infrastructure is teetering, but it will only be shored up by those in power. If we want the world to be fair, just and equal, we need to push. Now.


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