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Real Pearls!

Posted: 19/05/2015 by Alternate Celt in Pearls, writing


Two copies of Pearls on the Road arrived this morning ready for an intensive editing week! Such dinky wee copies too. Now all I need is a publisher mad enough to take it on.
You can read an extract here!

A little bit about Midnight.

Posted: 05/05/2015 by Alternate Celt in Extracts, surviving

This is another little snippet from my current project. 

From the very beginning, from Day One itself, I’ve been putting Adair’s safety before everything else. He was just a baby when Midnight struck, just over a year old. I remember being woken up with a blinding flash of light and hearing Adair wailing so loudly even I, at five years old, knew something was wrong. I dragged myself out of bed, calling for my Mum, because sometimes the baby alarm wouldn’t work properly. I thought she was downstairs, but when I went passed their bedroom, I saw the light waitts on, so I knocked on the door but there was no answer. As I pushed it, I felt for the very first time my sixth sense kicking in. I could feel the evil, feel it like shivering cold up my spine, making  my hair stand on end.
My childhood ended when I looked into that room. There was blood everywhere, and my father was standing over my mother’s body with a kitchen knife. He looked at me and I knew. He wasn’t really my father anymore, he was something else altogether. I could feel it, and the knowledge turned my skin to ice. I started backing out of the room, which was when I heard my mother.
“Run, Cat, run and take Adair!” It barely even made sense to me that she could speak when there was all that blood, but I did as she told me. I ran for Adair’s room, scooped him up out of his cot while he screamed and wailed, and ran for the stairs.
But the thing that had been my father was standing at the top of the stairs, waiting for me with that knife, an evil grin and that coldness wrapped all round him. I screamed and ran back for my bedroom, with no idea how I might escape from there. The thing followed me, laughing now.
“Come on now, little one, come and join us,” I heard him say as I backed myself up against the big windows of my bedroom, clutching Adair tightly against me.
“Leave her alone, whatever the hell you are!” I heard someone behind the Thing say, and it turned and found itself face to face with Finn’s dad, who was already drenched in blood. I heard a gun blast, the Thing folded in half and Finn’s Dad leaped over it and grabbed both me and Adair.
“It’s ok now, Cat, I’m going to get you out of here,”