Margo MacDonald passed away today. It fills me with such sadness that she won’t be with us to greet the dawn on the 19th of September after having spent so much of her life fighting for that very dawn.
A firebrand, a doughty fighter, an outspoken critic and a powerful campaigner. I feel privileged to have stood shoulder to shoulder with thousands of fellow Scots and listened to her stirring words on Calton Hill and in Princes Gardens. Her strength of character and independent view point will be missed sorely as we head towards the final stretch of this lifelong campaign.
She was a figure of inspiration to me, a woman whose views I could identify with and one of those whose persuasions led me to my beliefs in Independence, and whose logic on Assisted Dying was impeccable, humanist and inspiring.
Her death, coming just over a year after another inspiring Scot, Iain Banks, reminds me again of all those who have fought for this vote over the years but have not lived to see it realised. It has always been my intent to drive the Queens Road to Glen Trool and meet that special dawn there with my partner so we can raise a glass to his father. My father in law was also a committed nationalist who sadly passed away before he could see Scotland free and as my former teacher he was a powerful influence on my politics as a teen. His ashes were scattered by Bruce’s Stone, in sight of one of the many battlefields the Bruce fought on in the War of Independence. It’s a beautiful place, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be as the sun comes up after the Yes vote.
So I’ll take a toast for him, for Iain Banks (not Laphroaig though, sorry Banksy. Too peaty for me) and one for Margo.


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