Went into town today and got this from the Clydesdale Bank cash machine.


Photo by Iain Davidson

I knew about this, but I’m a reasonably well informed, lifelong supporter of Scottish Independence. Then it might not have been us at the Cash Machine, it might have been someone who didn’t know. We’ll pass it on now we’ve taken this picture, we’ll let it do the job it was intended to do.

Further reading the matter can be found here.

Edit. Sitting in a local arts centre, listening to musicians jamming. Just spent the tenner.

  1. Maria says:

    who cares about a patch of sea? Makes no difference to me, to my life. I’m not throwing away such a good partnership with the rest of the UK for a bit of sea.

    • A patch of sea rich in gas and oil. A little bit of underhand shenanigans to make the deal. Not the behaviour of a great partner.

    • ^^^ pmsl 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👊👊

    • Mark Walker says:

      You really are rather ingnorant. That’s the kind of mindless attitude that will deprive Scotland as a thriving country on its own. Shame on you.

    • moonboy says:

      please maria, what is good about the partnership we have with the rest of the uk?..We as a small nation would not have a class system for a start.We would be governed by people who know what scots need.We would have all the resources that our land& sea could offer ie{fish,oil,gas,wavepower,shellfish,windpower,hydropower,timber,agriculture,whisky,clothing,electronics,tourism,ingenuity} the list is endless.All of the afore mentioned would be ploughed into the Scottish economy for the Scottish people,instead of heading down the road to the so called centre of the cosmos called Westminster, where it would be swallowed up& wasted.

    • Davy says:

      Errr partners don’t rob territory from eash other….

    • Pamela says:

      I think it’s known as Stockholm Syndrome, you are not in a partnership, you are a p.o.w.

    • claire says:

      Define in what way it is a ‘good’ partnership.

    • dianeirving says:

      Where about on this Island do you live?………Good partnership?…….well, after a YES vote you may be heading for pastures new Maria !!

    • Dave Lawson says:

      Maria…just a patch of sea?..theyve taken far far more than just sea…and will continue to do so till you and your future generations have nothing and it all bekongs to westminster…take the bloidy blinkers iff and vite YES…The Union is Stinking!

    • John Cassidy says:

      The patch of sea is not the point , its the underhand way the deal with us !AND WESTMINSTER ELITE HAVE JEOPARDISED THE RELATIONSHIP WITH US , BY IONS OF INEQUALITY !

  2. Maria says:

    It doesn’t affect me personally, or the vast majority of Scots, if fact I’m sure you’d barely heard of this until it could suddenly become useful for arguing for independence. How very convenient.

    • If you read my post you’ll see I plainly see I’ve known this a long while. To me it’s a point of note, not an argument. My argument is that we will be rid of Trident and have better and closer political representation if we vote yes, and again, as a lifetime believer, I’ve thought that all my life.

    • Coinneach MacIlleDhuinn says:

      Maria…take your blinkers off, it affects you, your children…their children..its at the very core of why Independence is vital.

    • Of course it affects you personally. All that wealth stolen from your people by a foreign country for them to piss it away gambling in the London casino.
      Imagine if that money was used to house, feed and clothe the poor in Scotland and provide for future generations. Imagine what that would do for your economy, your crime rate, your NHS system etc.
      Saying it doesn’t affect you is incredibly ignorant.

    • Obviously on benefits maria no sense no feeling

    • neil lepick says:

      It does affect you.If you are on benefits they are going to be capped and be harder to get,if you are employed you will be paying for everything you get free now from good management by hollyrood.You may not know this but the Scottish parliament is only temporary and can be closed when ever Westminister decrees it The only way to make it permanent is to vote no.I urge you to get involved read up on it as much as you can and then make an informed decision.

    • Never say never 😉

    • Maria. you sound like the majority of people, totally uninterested in politics and only interested in yourself and family and friends, That is understandable Maria, but the oceans ARE important to their countries, and they DO affect you, as does politics, contrary to what you think, Politics affects everyone’s life daily, whether they are interested or not, and it is politics that set the rules for management of a countries resources. That INCLUDES its’ oceans. Good management of resources result in a prosperous successful country, mismanagement results in all the austerity cuts the UK are having thrust upon them now because of bad management. Norway too has oil and gas resources in its oceans. With good management it is now one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with its people having higher living standards that UK. The UK government mismanaged its oil and gas revenue wastefully in the extreme, and have nothing left, They wasted biliions of pounds that could and should have been invested to secure a prosperous Britain. Rather, they wasted those billions, and now governments attack the poor and most needy, while wealthy corporations pay no tax.. Please try think of others too, over and above yourself and family. Leaving Scotland in UK is just going to mean more waste of the countries resources and more waste especially, of Scotlands resources. Scotland by the way, is considerably richer in natural resources than England, though you probably are already aware of that. Oceans DO matter! Oceans DO affect you!

    • It would be a great shame if Scotland didn’t get its’ independence. It would be the first country in all known history to voluntarily vote against governing itself, which has the same effect as telling another country to rule over your own. It seems more and more people are beginning to understand and appreciate the enormity of the referendum, and the YES vote continue to increase on an upward spiral. I’m sure you know, even the No campaign is now seriously questioning themselves and the downward spiral they are on. Maria it wouldn’t be a shame for ‘Alternate Celt’. it would be a tragic shame for the whole country!

      • Not the first region to vote against independence. Quebec…
        Most countries don’t give their independent minded regions/countries/whatever the chance to vote for independence.
        The UK is probably one of the very few places in the world where an independence referendum for a constituent part could democratically happen. Most other countries would just say shut up or send in the tanks 🙂

    • 😹😹😹😹😼

  3. I didn’t know about this until the last few months. Hope it will form part of the separation negotiations, and if not, we will just have to let International Law make the decision. It may only have minor gas or oil fields, but it belongs to Scotland IMO.

    • Why are people like Maria afraid of democracy?

      • stourieannie says:

        Time and time again I hear people saying we’re better together then criticizing and belittling those that support independence, but I’m yet to hear one of them give a single reason that we would be better off staying in the union. C’mon those who are against independence, give me five sound, well researched reasons to continue being ruled by Westminster.

      • stourieannie says:

        An independent Scotland would be what the people of Scotland make it. I believe that anyone who can’t believe in an independent, democratic country run by its people, don’t believe in their own capabilities. They need to be told what to think by Authoritarian governments such as Westminster and newspapers such as The Sun and the Daily Mail.

  4. Cath says:

    people like Marie scary me. Their im alright jack attitude.If we dont get a independant Scotland England will drag us down with them. Then Marie we will not be alright

  5. Marjory Mackinnon says:

    Well said Heather Dunbar !

  6. Lisa says:

    Let’s get back what is rightfully ours, it was taken from us by people like thatcher and Blair. So hopefully we will get it back and Scotland can be independent without most of the money being pumped into England. Cameron is trying his best at frightening people into a NO vote.

  7. steve says:

    Only an issue if you look at the UK as Scotland Vs England. Turn over the £10 i bet you will see a familiar face that is on all our money. Scotland want a currency with these “monsters” ? seems like Scotland wants to be free but just not that free.

  8. Jill says:

    To be honest I at one point wouldn’t have minded staying as one nation but who gave England the right to try and bully us into a no vote? If you look at history us scots tend not to react well to bullying if England truly valued us they wouldn’t be trying bully tactics they would offer us something better, Scotland doesn’t really need the pound look at Australia they were refused the pound now they have the dollar I am sure Scotland wouldn’t be long in getting other currency after there are a lot of countries on the side of indepence.

  9. helen says:

    oh for goodnes sake she i a plant or a troll ignore her

  10. Heather says:

    If you are in any doubt about the lengths that Westminster will go to in order to keep Scotland’s oil, read this piece
    Successive Westminster governments have ruined our country, they have squandered our resources – not just oil I hasten to add. Don’t forget that all those Scottish Westminster politicians who are in favour of ‘better together’ will be out of a job if independence comes, oh dear, no more free lunches and big expense accounts, they will have to join the real world where we have to pay for ourselves.
    I am a Highlander living in Englandshire and I am really hoping the people of Scotland do the right thing and vote for independence so that they can take control of their own futures.

  11. sharon nelson says:

    I really cant understand anyone who wants to vote NO. Countries have fought, spilt blood to have their own freedom and I want mine. Westminster do nothing but ROB us. Disregard our votes, use us as guinea pigs and still we let them. WELL NO MORE!!!!!! Cmon Scotland Be brave and take what is truelly ours in the first place. If we didn’t earn westminster money, why the hell would they want to keep us.? They have blocked our right to the oil thats under the north sea we have because their subs cant get around if we use them. Our wind farms earn fortunes and we have the best tourism by far (only Buckingham palace beats us). Well IM DONE!!!! Its a yes from me and hopefully from you.

  12. adrianaislay says:

    Great post. Perhaps we should all write an independence message on bank notes, anything to try to get the message across.

  13. Bill says:

    All you hear is how Westminster has stolen Scotland’s money but who has paid for Scotland’s infrastructure? The roads, the railways, the schools, the sewers, the hospitals, the council houses, the electric grid, the gas pipelines etc etc

  14. FI says:

    Bill.. Scotland paid for all these things. Scotland has generates more tax than we spend in public spending for the last 33 years. We pay for these things ourselves now and we will pay for them in an independent Scotland. Do some research. The Government Expenditure and Revenues explains this clearly, something Westminster just simply cannot hide any more. We are not the subsidy junkies that they have led us to believe. Scotland actually generates more in tax revenue than the rest of the uk per head of population therefore we are subsidising the rest of fantastic railways that are costing 50 billion but only reach Manchester ?? Sound fair to you ?

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