As part of the work I did recently on this old piece, I re-wrote the introduction.  Here it is in all it’s possibly controversial glory. No apologies, it’s fiction.

Space Command
On September the 11th 2001, a group of Saudi Arabian nationals hijacked four planes within US airspace.  For more than an hour they  flew the planes without any intervention from the US air force, although in one the passengers staged a mutiny which led to the deaths of everyone on board.  The remaining three planes made it to their targets – the Pentagon and towers one and two of the World Trade Centre.  The overall casualties of their action were slightly over 3000 people.
This shocking and barbarous act of terrorism led the US to launch the War on Terror, but also to resurrect the idea of SDI, or “Star Wars”, a much derided plan from the Reagan Adminsitration of the 1980’s which was to place a weaponised missile defence platform in orbit around Earth to allow for swift neutralisation of enemy missile launches.  The original plan was evolved and built upon in a search for “Total Spectrum Dominance”, a phrase coined by the powerful lobbying group, the Project for a New American Century.
20 years on.
Exploring a possible future

The Global Resistance Network comprises of a group of hackers and freedom fighters who wage terrorist war against the US in both the real and the virtual world. The hackers routinely bring down and subvert links in the US communication network often in conjunction with physical attacks – mostly hit and fade style affairs.
Working mostly in fully integrated cells with very little influence from central command, The only distinctive goal of its many groups ethos’s is the end of US global dominance.
The whole world lives in fear of US power and there is no one country that will shelter or back the GRN. Global population is high, disease – mostly in the “Old world” is rife, as is poverty. The Global depression has ground down even many of the formerly affluent European nations. Outside of the US itself, outlets selling US goods often find themselves the target of terrorist attacks, with governments feeling obliged to fund the security of these outlets for fear of US reprisals.
What follows is the fragmented story of one European group as they begin a highly risky campaign against US listening and communications networks on European soil.  The story was gleaned from   neural recordings taken from Honey Kirkwall, a GRN operative and computer specialist.  The recordings were taken post mortem, and as such have large gaps in the narrative.  Editorial decisions were also made concerning the ordering of the fragments of narrative, in order to best present her version of events.  Dates have been avoided as only certain parts of the narrative can be placed to exact dates.


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