The following is an excerpt from a story I wrote some time ago, partly inspired by the events of the 11th of September 2001.  It is set in a possible  near future.  In this excerpt, the main character, Honey Kirkwall, explains a little about herself and her world.

Things I remember from my childhood, before and then in those first few tentative years after the September 11th attacks, seem almost unreal – too glossy and glamorous to have really happened. So many things we took for granted, things I wanted and possessed as a child that no child now ever dreams of. Peace, the sanctity of your home, education that the world envied, even looking down -albeit with sympathy- on all those developing nations sunk in a quagmire of civil war.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, flickering on celluloid, is the voice of a man pleading with his fate in making a last stand against the hoards of darkness “How did it come to this?” and I feel so bitterly the echo of that plea in the face of every other European, once rich, now reduced to scraping a living as an exploited labourer at the mercy of yet another US corporation.
Everywhere, where once diverse and ancient culture flourished, we see the boot-print of US culture. Coca Cola, McDonalds, Microsoft, Monsanto, SmithKline, US film, US TV, US sports. Soccer, as they call it, is outlawed because it is considered a source of anti-us feeling – people congregating in large numbers and celebrating something that means nothing to the Americans. The French film industry is banned – a philosophical hotbed of anti-us statement. Hell, the Italians are only allowed to keep Pizza because the Americans have claimed it.
The resentment felt against America is surpassed only by fear of it. “Total Spectrum Dominance” is their phrase for what they have done to subjugate the world. What this means literally is they own the world. They can attack any building in any country from weapons satellites in space at a moments notice – where the Eiffel Tower was there remains only twisted metal and Mecca is a pile of rubble. So-called “Free” governments give into US demand without any show of resistance now.
Their army is so far beyond any other nation’s as to be ridiculous, their complete command of space allows them freedom to impose their will wherever they choose. Europe has never stood a chance.
I feel acutely for what we have lost in the world. My parents were both University professors – my father in Computer Science, my mother in Social Science and Philosophy – and they were among the first casualties of fear of contradicting the US in our country. My father was handed over to the Americans for defacing a US govt website, and then simply disappeared, my Mother was arrested on some spurious charge when she started campaigning for my Fathers release. When our government officials agreed a deal to hand over her and a large group of other “dissidents” to the US, my Mother committed suicide.
My childhood is littered with happy memories; my teen and subsequent years have been saturated with bitterness. I grew up angry, disillusioned and at odds with everything society had come to mean. At least, I have not been alone.
While governments have stood back and allowed US dominance to continue, terrorist activities have soared up in number. Terrorists have also become increasingly sophisticated, swallowing up new technologies and subverting them and there is enough money still floating around in Europe (and the Middle East) to keep the terrorists afloat. Global communications are also as much of an advantage to the terrorists as they are to the US military might. It is the only means of fighting the US hegemony, though success is varied. No government will openly back terrorists, most will persecute them ruthlessly.
I say them, but the truth is I mean us. My father passed down to me his computer skills, my mother her sense of “burning conviction”, so now I fight and hack for a group based in Britain. We’re a small group, but we have links with a lot of other groups in Europe – all a part of GRN. Our aim is simple – get the US back within its own borders – its troops, its hardware, its corporations and its culture

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    I liked this the first time I read it – nice to read some of it again


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    A reblog of this extract. This is one of the stories in the Dark Tales short story ebook


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