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Posted: 15/09/2013 by crowkitchetales in Extracts
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This is the introduction of my little fairy tale I am working on. It’s pretty rough still, all comments welcome.


He stood before the court dressed in stark black silks and leathers. His clothes were cut with sculpted lines that accentuated the sleek angles of his body. His short, spiked hair was as black as his clothes, except for the occasional deep streaks of crimson. Crimson was reflected in his almond eyes, his irises like flecks of jet speckled with bright dashes of freshly spilled blood. There was something truly feral about the way they gleamed , heavy lidded and slightly hooded under his archly dark eyebrows. His lips were carnally red, slightly unreal in their vibrancy, definitely exotic. The sunlight that danced in scattered motes around the Throne Room gleamed golden on his clean shaven face and bare arms highlighting the lightning scars, swirling like intricate tattoos in white, that covered those arms then leapt from his throat, up the left side of his face, to the outer corner of his eye. Not a drop of his exotically, wickedly, lethally, good looks was lost on any woman in the court, so almost half a hundred fans fluttered wildly in the silence that greeted his sudden appearance before them. For a long moment he simply stood and scanned the faces around him, a wry smile playing on his lips for every flush that rose at his glance, until at last his gaze came to rest, not on the King who was growing impatient on his throne, but on the youngest, and fairest, of the King’s three daughters. If anyone felt a jot of curiosity at the fact that young Alia paled in shocked recognition rather than flushing as any other girl might, no-one dared mention it, because it was never a good idea to cross a Warlock.
Unless, perhaps, if you were a father with his daughter in the sights of a Warlock and then normal cautions might be thrown to the winds.