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I make short #history films and write. I don't make any money from either, so if you have liked what I do, maybe you could buy me a coffee?
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Fake News snippet

Found this wee conversation this morning while editing Pearls on the Road. The Janis hour is ower by the time we get back oan tae the road, but we're still high frae the madness we've jist gone through.  Ami is cruizin news reports oan the internet, cacklin at the crazy stories circulatin about us.  "Aw,... Continue Reading →

Mary Gordon, Lady of Kenmure

Mary Gordon was the widow of William Gordon,  sixth Viscount Kenmure.  William was executed at Tower Hill in London for his part in the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion.  After his death,  Mary was left to pick up the pieces of the Kenmure Estates. 
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Joseph Train of Castle Douglas

This week's wee history video is from Castle Douglas and is the story of Joseph Train, exciseman, antiquarian, poet and historian who was admired by the likes of Sir Walter Scott and Charles Dickens.
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Pearls on the Road

While working through it today I came across this wee scene.  Here, Keri has just shown her huge crush, Leo Barrons, the Porsche. Leo is a metal star who has been through the mill.

Joseph Train of Castle Douglas

This week's upcoming wee #history #video is about Joseph Train, a man who you haven't heard of, but he was admired by the likes of Sir Walter Scott and Charles Dickens during his lifetime.
Coming tomorrow night at 7pm.

Swan Haiku

We were in Castle Douglas yesterday, and it was such a beautiful day it was impossible not to stop to film the swans.
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